Commercial Truck Insurance Rates

Working in this industry for more than 20 years we would like share a few things that companies should know in order to get the best rate with one of the top commercial truck insurance companies.

Equipment – less than 10 years is ideal. Commercial insurance companies believe the older the equipment usually will have more mechanical issues which will lead to higher out of service violations and might cause future claims.

Drivers – CDL for a minimum of 3 years is ideal. Statically, drivers with a CDL for more than 3 years have fewer accidents.

Florida Trade Flows Today

Domestic and international trade flows in Florida are large and growing. They support a sizable share of the state’s economy and create significant transportation impacts. Domestic and international trade flows to, from, and within Florida are estimated at about 623 million tons in 2009, or about 33 tons per resident. Trucking is the dominant form of goods movement, accounting for more than 73 percent of all tonnage; most freight trips use a truck at some point in their journey. Water accounts for about 15 percent of all freight flows, followed by rail at 12 percent.